Service Books

The Third and Sixth Hours and the Service of the Typika
PDF of an Orthodox Sunday worship service for laymen who are without clergy

General Menaion
The services are complete, containg all Theotokia that may be required (i.e. feasted and unfeasted, for all days of the week); all Vesperal prophecy, Gospel, and Epistle readings; Prokeimena, Troparia, general Kontakia, Kathisma, and Magnification Verses for Matins, etc. Note that the Vesperal, Epistle, and Gospel readings are general, and may differ from those prescribed in the Calendar. The readings from the Calendar should be used if such is the case.

Octoechos for Sunday in the Eight Tones
Includes both small and great vespers, along with Matins and the Liturgy. The Ressurection Evlogitaria, Prokiemena, and other parts that are normally omitted from the Octoechos are included to reduce the need for flipping through pages in different books.