This is the site of the Byzantine Choir of St. Mark of Ephesus Cathedral, our sister Cathedral of the Metropolis of Boston. The St. Mark's Cathedral Choir chants the sacred services at St. Mark of Ephesus Cathedral in a fully traditional style from the traditional psaltic notation both from the original Greek as well as their own adaptations into English. The choir, founded in 1988 by Rev. Christos Constantinou, offers this website to those interested in the sacred and divine art of Byzantine Chanting. The “about” section contains an excellent explanation of the history of the received tradition and the reforms of the Three Teachers.
Owned and operated by Georgios K. Mikailakis, a student of, amongst others, Stylianos Tsolakides, the canonarch to the great Protopsaltis of the early 20th Century, Iakovos Nafpliotis. This site is a very bare bones collection of rare recordings of Iakovos Nafpliotis, Stylianos Tsolakides, as well as a number of Athonite chanters. The site owner also has various praktiki (by ear) recordings of himself chanting a number of hymns in Greek, English and French. It is an upload site, and is somewhat difficult to navigate, but the adventurous and inquiring psalti can find some real jewels by patient searching. I can provide direct links in this site on request.
This is an excellent site containing articles, various analysis of classical score, techniques, as well as excellent recorded comparisons of various pieces from the classical chant tradition and examples of various performance practice schools. While this site does not provide direct instruction for beginning psalti, and the recorded samples are nearly all in Greek, it is a wonderful opportunity to hear the chant melodies in the original form by a variety of psaltoi who are arguably amongst the best of the 20th Century. The site owner lives in Australia and chants with the Australian Byzantine Choir. He is very accessible by e-mail. The site itself is primarily in English.
This is the website of the State Church of Greece. The link opens the surfer to some wonderful rare recordings of Konstantine and Giorgios Bilalis, Simon Karas, Remoundos, Fr. Dionysios Firfiris of the Holy Mountain, and others. There is an English section to the site, but it has recently gone through redevelopment and the chant link was lost. Again, I can provide direct links on request. There is also a link to the Ekklesia radio station, where, if timed right, one can hear live broadcasts of liturgical services. Psalti and Scholar Ioannis Arvanitis, Lycourgos Angelopoulos, and their choirs have been known to broadcast services on this channel.
This site is entirely in Greek. It is owned by Panagiotis Papadimitrios. The site has various scores that are more oriented toward service chanting (i.e. from the Anastasamartarion, Hiermologion etc.). Some scores have some modern idiosyncrasies, but as a whole, it is a good resource for Greek service chanting.
Owned by the Protopsaltis of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco (Greek new calendar church) John Michael Boyer. This site is under construction, but is entirely in English and is aiming to present the classical tradition in the English language.